Turns Out Antarctica Holds More Secrets Than we Told

Antarctica is hiding a huge city underneath more than a mile of ice according to incredible claims.

They talk about the Piri Reis map and they say “look, it’s got the sub glacial topography of Antarctica” before they were supposed to know what it was!

“Under the ice, about two miles under the ice, there’s a huge industrial complex, buildings all over the place, it looks very industrial, smoke coming out of them, steam coming out of them, very human looking.”

There were giant submarines under the ice that had popped up that were the size of the big shipping containers. It was huge and I saw these submarines being unloaded with giant cranes that were reaching in the top that rolled back and pulling out these giant containers.

You got these triangular craft down there, all kinds of excavations going on. You know there’s people down there and went missing for two weeks back in the 90s and out these people are missing and haven’t been found yet maybe there’s a correlation there.

The US government said it will seek to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archeological dig is underway two miles beneath the ice..

So while the Allied powers invaded Europe, the Nazis basically took a lot of their advanced R&D research and development and brought it down to Antarctica. They already had a strong presence in South America here so they started developing bases in Antarctica, because what’s amazing is that under the ice there’s actually caverns, tunnel systems.

“I for example have been to Antarctica, I have seen the Nazi base, where’s that in history books? How does that work? I was there, they brought me in because of the bioluminescence they want to know how the light was worked down there. It’s a cavern below the hot springs, probably a mile high, with clouds, weather, and there’s a Nazi base, yes”

h/t perfectedition