This Is Why High Vibrational People Get Attacked By Lower Vibrational Energies

The ‘conflict’ of vibrations is such an interesting topic, but, to be honest, it seems that nobody has enough information to define, divide and determine the definition of what the frequency vibrations are, how they truly manifest, what is their root etc. All we have, to be honest, are different concepts that cover different aspects of this phenomenon.

However, all of those concepts enable people to learn more about themselves and even use the energy for their very own benefit. However, it is important to know that most of the people are not aware of the existence of the frequency vibrations, nor they want to know anything about it.

Others, for instance, live their lives aligned with the ‘creationist’ energy. On the other hand, we have positive and negative people (as you can tell from the very first sight), there are healthy and sick, there are rich and poor, happy and sad….

This makes the world a wonderful cocktail of various energies alinged on so many different level and a countless number of directions and destinations. Of course, some energies attract other energies better than others. This sometimes causes total chaos and speaks a whole lot about the irrationalism and the oxymorons of the universe itself.

While we do attract vibrations that are on our level, we are also faced with a lot of conflicts that goes unnoticed. The stronger your aura is the more frequently lower leveled people and energies, in general, will want to drain you. They see you and all you have and want it as well whether they know what they are doing or not they are putting a target on your back and doing their best to feed off of you.

These lower level energies work to sabotage all that you have worked for and are not going to think twice about doing so. They are operating from a point of jealousy and fear. They feel like the things you have and the energies radiating from within you are not something they can attain on their own. Again, they could be doing this consciously or not, some are more aware of the things they are doing than others.

Anyway, some people consider these ‘jumps’ of low energy people to high energy people as energy attacks. However, we won’t label them as energy attacks because most of the people are completely unaware of what’s going on. They are obsessed with the material reality and the dynamic, fast way of life so they are blinded not to see what happens to their soul, aura and energy.

h/t the-limitless-minds