They Found An Extraterrestrial Skull In Africa ? This Could Change The History Of Mankind

Although many people think that we are the only intelligent life form that has inhabited this planet, after this discovery these armor can be far from the truth.

This is one of the fossilized skulls, more similar to that of humans, and more mysterious than has been found so far. The one you see in the picture is exactly in Africa. This image questions what we think and what we know about our history.

Sometimes, our eyes deceive us, sometimes certain optical illusions can be very persuasive. And, finally, when people have video images or photographs, there is always the possibility that they have been edited to generate some deception. But these skulls were found in the last 10 years and have caused a lot of controversy.

Some people claim that they are completely false, and everything is just a joke. While others maintain and swear that they are real artifacts that are carbon dated and thousands of years old. It’s hard to say what is true, anyway, it certainly makes for an interesting story.

It is one of the many that resemble that of a human being, in certain aspects, it is evident that it is not a human skull as we know it. The size of the top of the head is out of all proportion, as are the extraterrestrial heads that we are used to seeing in our movies and shows. The eyes are huge, and the chin is pointed.

This particular skull gives a little more fear than some of the others that have been found, but it remains consistent with its shape. The most interesting thing is that this skull has a date of about 14 million years ago, in addition, it has incredibly high amounts of iridium which is a common element found in meteorites.

Is this skull really an artifact that shows that the aliens were on Earth a long time ago? It’s fascinating to think about, and only time will tell us the truth. Currently, many universities around the world are conducting studies on this strange artifact.