The ancient coin that was discovered in Egypt, reportedly describes what many believe is an alien creature.

In the past, many other coins have been found that represent what many believe are flying machines.

From time to time we encounter certain objects that make us wonder “what happens if we do not know the whole story?” When it comes to history, extraterrestrial life and civilization on Earth. Just as there are “false” artifacts that are clearly FAKE, there are others that make you question many things.

People around the world discovered ancient coins that are not common.

Some of them represent strange “flying objects”, while others, like one of the coins listed below, seem to offer conclusive evidence that, in fact, we have been visited by extraterrestrial life forms, as the old theory presumes.

A strange coin that dates back to the 1680s. It represents an object that, according to many, is the definitive proof of UFOs, also known flying saucers that visited our planet in the past.

While some agree that it is definitely an old alien evidence, others do not agree to suggest that we are seeing illustrations of shields and non-flying machines that work with coins dating back hundreds of years.

In recent years, skeptics have developed their own theories that belie the proposal of UFO hunters who say that the object represented in the seventeenth century coin could be a fungus adrift or a flower, or even a shield.

During a renovation of the house in Egypt, someone found a mysterious coin that seems to show the head of an extraterrestrial being, with hollow eyes, thin lime and cheeks.

Mysterious Earth writes that: “A group of people who worked on renovating a house in southern Egypt found a number of very rare coins.”

While some have been rushed a suggestion that this is by far the best evidence of extraterrestrial visits, we have to wait a minute here and other possibilities.

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