The 12 Signs You Are Becoming a Hyperdimensional Being

Our bodies go through a recalibration as the Earth transitions from a third-dimensional reality to a hyper-dimensional one. This gives us various sensations that are often uncomfortable.

Since the transition is a bit tricky, we need to be on the lookout as we go through this challenge. We need to be aware of the things going around us, especially the lies and the manipulations.

We might feel a bit confused or restless, but it won’t last. This opportunity can help us improve ourselves and evolve for the better.

Hence, we must be aware of the signs that we experience beforehand on our way to becoming hyperdimensional beings.

The 12 Signs You Are Becoming a Hyperdimensional Being

Observe yourself and see if these 12 signs manifest in your life:

1. Synthetic foods no longer appeal to you because you see it as unhealthy for your body. You feel the need to feed your mind, body, and soul with proper nutrition while feeding your soul too.

2. You constantly feel aches, pains, and flu like symptoms as if the energy your body is taking in caused this minor issues to surface. Give your body a time to rest and notice those aches slowly go away.

3. The experiences of the past seem to matter a lot to you now and make you find how things are falling into place. Having these reflections makes you feel better despite the body aches.

4. You seek a quieter way of existence and feel unable to fit with the noise of the world. You feel so much fulfillment in having your time alone in the quietness that you seek.

5. Healing therapies like yoga and meditation appeal to you now than it ever did before. You are opening yourself to a more natural way of healing.

6. Your perception of time is slowly changing and you are more aware of its fluctuations. Time is no longer as simple as you once perceived it.

7. You don’t easily believe what the corporate media is telling you, as it distorts some truths. You do your research first before you come to conclusions of how things are.

8. You begin to notice the corruption in politics and in everywhere else. You know you’re not a sheep that follows what it’s been told.

9. Silence is more important to you and you seek out quieter people who share the same view with you. Parties no longer appeal to you.

10. You start shredding people that no longer add value to yourself. You don’t have time to live with negative and toxic people who just suck your energy.

11. A new and refreshing energy overwhelms you as if it saturates your whole being. You feel this intense energy flowing through and within you.

12. You become more and more balanced within and you feel like you are changing for the better. With this, you feel you can do everything under your power and nothing can stop you!

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