NASA images show an object 100 times larger than Earth coming out of the Sun

“While searching the site, I found a huge object coming out of the sun. Will it be a proof that our Sun is a stargate? “ Reads the description of the video.

The strange object that can be seen in the video has the shape of a butterfly and could be seen coming out of the Sun’s core.  It should be noted that the gravitational attraction in the core of our nearest star produces enormous pressure and high temperatures that can reach up to 15 million degrees Celsius, making it completely impossible for it to be a space probe, a satellite in orbit or space debris.

So the conspiracy theorists believe that the unidentified space object flying in the shape of a butterfly could really be “something” made with extraterrestrial technology , perhaps a mothership, and that is why it managed to get out of the Sun without any damage apparent. However, the hard core of the skeptics who, although acknowledged that it is spectacular images, could be a large amount of plasma escaping the attraction of the Sun.

Similar sighting in the past

This is not the first time that foreign objects are discovered near the sun. As we all remember, in 2012 the observatory telescope  “Solar Dynamics”  NASA he caught a enrome object connected to the Sun by a kind of dark filament . In the images you could see an explosion of solar material around the dark object, just before it shot out into space. The news went around the world and there were many who said that it was a UFO draining the energy of the solar plasma to recharge , and even that it was the birth of a new planet.(100 times larger than Earth coming out of the Sun)

100 times larger than Earth coming out of the Sun

Due to the controversy generated, NASA scientists were forced to publicly explain the strange event, saying it was a “bulge” , a very common type of solar activity. It is not necessary to say that the official explanation has not convinced the conspiracy theorists, who have been denouncing extraterrestrial activity on our planet for years.

Moreover, there are those who believe that extraterrestrial civilizations are robbing us of the energy of our Sun, because it has at least 6,000 times more metals than other planets. Now, the question we ask ourselves is this: What would happen if one of these extraterrestrial civilizations exhausted the raw material of the Sun?

h/t infinityexplorers

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