How to Clear your Energy, Cut Energetic Cords from others and Protect your energy.

Ground/Clear energy

Sit or stand quietly, and imagine white Universal Energy coming down through your crown Chakra and filling every inch of you all the way through all your Chakras and into the ground at least a foot into your Star Chakra

Cut Cords

Ask Arch Angel Michael to fill you with his Blue Protective light, and cut cords with all who do not serve your highest Good. Imagine this blue light coming down and through similar to the Universal light, and Arch Angel Michael using his sword to cut all cords and attachments away.Then ask Arch Angel Raphael to fill you with his Green Healing Light and to fill any cut fords and attachments with green healing light as well, and send them back to where they came from , never to return.

Protection Bubble

Push out the energy around you out into a Blue Egg shaped bubble, covered with a fine Gold mesh, and a Layer of black over that. all negative thoughts action and intentions will be reflected away from you including your own. and only love and light may enter.
Do the above Daily at least once per day for Empaths, and before and after each Reiki session/ reading/ interaction, or if you have a run in with a negative person(s).