Google Earth Found in 2019 an “Underwater Wall” That Circles The Entire Planet

A mysterious video on YouTube soon appeared. This video shows an enormous wall that is immersed in the Earth’s oceans. It looks like this huge wall surrounds the entire planet.

This enigmatic wall has been discovered by a YouTube channel whose name does not show much trust in “Flat Earth Arabic”. However, this does not mean that this information is false. In the past, with the help of Google Earth, a pyramid was found on the bottom of the ocean near the coast of Mexico. The coordinates of the pyramid are 12 ° 8’1.5 “N, 119 ° 35’26.4” W

These types of recent discoveries cast doubt on our history. About a year ago, even one child discovered one of the largest ancient cities that belonged to Maya civilization. The discovery was also made with Google Earth.

The surface of our planet is so large that there are still unexplored places by the researchers. Here comes Google Earth and offers a helping hand to researchers.

In 2012 an American scientist discovered a pyramid that is much larger than those in Egypt. This scientist used satellite imagery and with his help he discovered this enormous pyramid.

Returning to the subject, it seems that this wall that surrounds the planet may have some reasonable explanations. One of the possible explanations would be that we do not actually see a wall surrounding the planet earth, but it’s just a simple error in Google Earth. This theory is supported by the fact that Google Earth uses millions of different pictures and combines them as a huge puzzle.

h/t alienblog