Experts Say Humans Are Aliens – Here’s How We Were Brought To Earth Thousands of Years Ago

Have you ever thought if aliens really exist? What if humans are the aliens we’ve been all looking for? According to the experts and their new thesis, us, the humans, are most likely hybridized with another species, probably from the star system Alpha Centauri. This solar system is the closest to our solar system and there is a high possibility that in the distant past, we’ve been created in another solar system.

In Al-Uhaymir, in modern day Iraq, there is an ancient Sumerian city of Kish. The Sumerian culture is believed to be the OLDEST human civilization along with the Assyro-Babylonians. In Kish, archeologists found one of the oldest ancient documents, an ancient tabled, which dates back to the year 3500 BC. Stunning, right? And we’re just beginning…

5.500 years ago, a Sumerian king list states that Kish was the first city to have kings. The first king was called Jushur. Jushur’s successor is called Kullassina-bel, and in the old Akkadian language it means “All of them were lord.” This is confusing and some experts said that maybe there was a significant absence of authority in Kish back at the specific time. However, these cities in the valley between Tigar and Euphrates without a defined leadership made an unseen revolution in the history of humanity. Suddenly, they began the unstoppable process of human’s progress in every segment of the modern human life as we know it. This same ancient document is believed to proceed to all Sumerian and Egyptian writings and


hieroglyphs for almost hundred years. Watch the video below:


What do you think about this? Isn’t it a little weird? The huge monuments, the wonders of the pyramids and the tower of Babylon etc. Were our predecessors able to achieve that much progress in science, engineering, and technology in such short period of time? After this important period in our history, we’ve been clearly divided from all animal species and with no doubt, we became lords of our planets. ALL OF THEM WERE LORD- is this the reality? We have electricity, we have unimaginable science and technology progress, we touch the depts of the human soul, we found medicine for nearly all illnesses…

The modern-day scientists even claim that the human being is not able to survive in the wild, and they clearly suggest that Darwin’s theory of evolution is BOGUS. Dr. Ellis Silver states that there are many signs that suggest human beings did not evolve ALONGSIDE other lifeforms on Earth.

Think about this, isn’t Darwin’s theory the most compromised and theoretically deficient and incomplete theory? Yes , it is. However, Dr. Ellis Silver might have a good theory. She suggests that mankind is brought from another solar system and they are highly developed before coming to this planet. According to Dr. Ellis, humans might suffer from back pain because our ancestors initially evolved on another planet with a lower gravity. In Dr. Ellis in her book ‘Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence’ has, even more, answers to more questions. If you are interested in this, you need to find this book and read it.

Rober Sepher, another scientist, states that according to the modern DNA sequencing, it is shown that the humanity as we know it, isn’t just one ‘RACE’ that descended from the same ancestors in Africa, but a hybridized species, with the far more enigmatic truth behind each race. Also, many questions are raised about the Rh negative blood type. The scientists are sure that if we’ve really evolved from some imaginary African ancestors, then we would have been all compatible with Rh negative, but that’s not the case.

You have ridiculous examples where a Rh negative mother carrying Rh positive children which is rejecting her own offspring. This theory about the ‘African ancestors’ is pure *BS* and it’s just one big controversion used to manipulate the masses. Read Robert Sepher books “Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History”- there you will find many answers about the species on Earth and their connection with humans, as well as the human nature and DNA which are definitely different from all other living species.

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