Dear Empaths, You Are Energy Alchemists

Dear Empaths,

You are energy alchemists. Let me explain.

First, I would like to propose a radically different notion to you: you’re not fragile, and you don’t need to be protected. Yes, I am talking to you, empaths. This is probably different from what you’ve heard or read. I bet you’ve heard that you need to protect your energy, and avoid all kinds of people and situations because you’re just too sensitive.

As an empath, I have a question for my fellow empaths, and please forgive my language: what if that’s all bullshit? See, here’s the thing. Haven’t you ever wondered why we’re here? And by “we” I mean us sensitive people, who cry way more than we want to admit. Like, why do we have to go through all this, while we are here? Have you ever wondered that? Yeah, me too. And actually, I have received information about that, which I would like to share with you. Now, you can think I’m crazy if you like (God knows any empath worth her salt has been called that enough), but I am telling you, that I have been given some information about what we empaths are doing here and what spiritual purposes we serve in this world, why there are so many of us at this time, and why the absolute worst thing we can do is protect, or “shield” ourselves. Now, before you think I’m really batshit, let me clarify that this information that has been shared with me through a series of visions over a period of time, is, as I understand it, available to all of us. I would highly doubt that I am the only one who has received this information. And I would actually go so far as to say that empaths everywhere have in fact, received it, even if they don’t realize it. And I would go so far as to predict that empaths will identify and “get” this message, for that very reason.

But I digress—the point of this blog is not to explain how I got this information. The point of this blog is to share it. I wanted to tell you that, so that you would understand that what I am about to share with you is not precisely a formation from my own experience and thinking, but is rather what I believe to be a product of data channeled from some other dimension. Yes, I just said “channeled from some other dimension.” Yes, you can still call me crazy. But without further ado, let me now get to the point.

h/t empathichealingmethod