Chinese Airports Shut Down After Mass UFO Sighting

Something unusual happened near Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China. Vehicle strange shape UFO with light shining ones, forcing Airport to close its doors and delay 18 flights.

The thing that struck me about that incident was that it was a mass sighting with photographs from independent people taken from different angles in different areas of the city.

Each of the photos depicts the same elongated structure, none resembling a helicopter.
Sure, you could take photos from the same angle taken from the same camera, but you’d have to enlist the help of many confederates from all over the city to photograph the object with long exposures, then also convince the myriad of eyewitnesses to change their stories from a helicopter to UFO to perpetuate the deception.

I don’t think it was ever adequately explained. It happened, then nobody really talked about it after.

h/t before-news