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Scientists Get the Green Light to Resurrect the Dead With Stem Cells

Bioquark, a biotech company based in the United States, has been given the go-ahead to begin research on 20 brain-dead patients, in an attempt to stimulate and regrow neurons and, literally, bring the patients back from the dead. The technique is new and untested so the study will likely be controversial. By implanting stem cells

The Prophecy Of The Rainbow Warriors And Future Of Planet Earth

We find ancient doomsday prophecies in several sacred books, scripts and legends worldwide. Some of these prophecies challenge our beliefs and trust in the future. Will the world as we know it end completely? Will humanity cease to exist? Will our race be replaced with a new one? The Native American Rainbow Prophecy offers an

“Everything is Light” The Incredible interview with Nikola Tesla in 1899

Nikola Tesla is undoubtedly one of the most important inventors that have existed on our planet. Curiously, although he is one of the most important and scientific inventors in the history of civilization, he is also the most absent in history books.(“Everything is Light” The Incredible interview with Nikola Tesla) Interviews with Tesla are extremely rare,

Leading Neuroscientists and Buddhists Agree: “Consciousness is Everywhere”

New theories in neuroscience suggest consciousness is an intrinsic property of everything, just like gravity. That development opens a world of opportunity for collaboration between Buddhists and neuroscientists. ”The heart of consciousness,” says neuroscientist Christof Koch, “is that it feels likesomething. How is it that a piece of matter, like my brain, can feel anything?” In

Do You Want To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel? Here’s How.

This may sound hard to believe, but many channeler’s of the “Higher Realm” say that anyone can communicate with angels. Yes, you heard me right, angels, as in the human-like spiritual beings with beautiful wings. We all have angels that guide and protect us, and no matter how skeptic we are, we should at least