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Old manuscripts confirm that RA was an Extraterrestrial God of Egypt

After analyzing many ancient manuscripts, one can conclude that the Ra god of ancient Egypt was extraterrestrial; and we do not refer to the famous movie “Star Gate” in which they make it appear that the god Ra was an alien wandering through space in search of eternal youth.(RA) In the analysis of the ancient Egyptian

A computer program predicts the Apocalypse for the year 2020

According to the scientific journal Nature , an asteroid will impact Earth on March 16, 2880 and destroy it, this is assured no matter how much we deny it. But on the other hand, Isaac Newton, based on the predictions of St. John the Divine, calculated that the apocalypse would come in 2020. Now, a computer program calculates

A unique discovery of giant skeleton. Giant Possibly Killed by a Snake.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS:Giant Human Skeleton found at Cave Giant Human Skeleton found at Khao Khanap Nam Cave Rimportant discovery made by paleontologists. Group of scientists digging up remains of a human skeleton of gigantic proportions. Do we finally have the irrefutable proof that human giants existed?.         h/t dailymysteries

Huge Underwater City Discovered In Atlantic Ocean Near Cuba

A vast underwater city with huge pyramid structures has been discovered off the coast of Cuba, amid claims that the sunken metropolis could, in fact, be the lost city of Atlantis. The submerged complex is thought to be around 200,000 years old, with the granite structured pyramid city being located eerily close to the Bermuda

Ancient Egyptians had electricty and batteries thousands of years ago

However, it seems that there are numerous discoveries in ancient Egypt that firmly point towards a forgotten piece of ancient Egyptian history.  Just how did the ancient Egyptian create the pyramids of Giza? How did they transport huge, megalithic blocks of stone across the desert? And how did they create some of the most fascinating artworks

“Everything is Light” The Incredible interview with Nikola Tesla in 1899

Nikola Tesla is undoubtedly one of the most important inventors that have existed on our planet. Curiously, although he is one of the most important and scientific inventors in the history of civilization, he is also the most absent in history books.(“Everything is Light” The Incredible interview with Nikola Tesla) Interviews with Tesla are extremely rare,

Newly Formed Crop Circle In the UK Amazes Researchers

Crop circles have always been a mystery for the entire scientific community. They have been appearing around the entire globe, out of nowhere, for decades but some of the more recent formations are truly mind-boggling. The latest reported case of crop circles in the UK is one of the most enigmatic ones in recent years