Aliens CREATED GOD… and now they want him back – shock claim of how religion began

Religion was created with the fundamental doctrine of bringing hope and peace into the hearts of men.

But many believe that religion was created to control the masses, and if true, it’s probably the most powerful mind control in existence.

There are others however who believe that religion was brought into existence by peaceful entities, but that men have corrupted it’s teachings and meanings over the course of time.

One of these theories regarding religion speaks of long ago in the primordial ages of mankind, Alien beings visited our world and brought the concept of religion with them.

The original purpose was to help humans, who have always been considered a violent species, to stop with all wars and fighting so that we could establish a good position in a cosmic plan.

According to bizarre claims, aliens will return to quarantine our world and stop us before we become a major universal threat.

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h/t disclose

Source Image: disclose