74 NASA Scientists Killed In The Past Two Years!

NASA agent Alberto Behar lost his life in a plane accident in 2015 in Los Angeles. What’s weird about it is that within the past two years, there were 74 NASA scientists that lost their lives, including him.

Mr. Behar was a prominent scientist who found proof of water on the Red Planet. Besides all this, he had quite an expertise in flying which makes this accident even more intriguing. As a matter of fact, there have been 74 NASA scientists that died recently either by accident or a suicide. This number has sparked many questions among the public about the real reason for the death.

What they had in common was that all of them were outstanding engineers or medical experts and all of them lost their life under questionable conditions.

To mention some of the 74 NASA scientists that lost their lives, there was Melissa Ketunuti, a doctor who specialized in cancer, who was found burned alive at her house, so as Glenn Thomas and Joep Lange who were on MH17 when it was brought down. Thomas and Lange were actually on their way to give a speech on Ebola and AIDS but they were killed before they can make their arrival.

From all the scientists found dead, the most controversial one was the tragic life loss of the electrical engineer Shane Truman Todd in 2012. His body was left alone in a morgue in Singapore.

At the time, Truman was developing a unique machine for China that was said to be a weapon for defense. His family reported that Shane was worried for his life since what he was doing put in jeopardy the security of USA.

He quit his job and wanted to go home, but on the last day at work he died. His family required answers and even raised a campaign to find out the truth. However, even though the Chinese officials promised to resolve whether it was a murder or a suicide, they never gave a proper answer.

This is just a small part of the whole puzzle of 74 NASA scientists who unfortunately ended up dead. The full list is available here.

With these people being leading experts on many dominant subjects in the world, there is nothing else left but to ask ourselves: Was their loss just a tragic fate? Does it have to do with something they knew about, so their mouths had to be shut down?

Conspiracy theorists suspect and for the right reason that this is not just another ordinary unlucky occurrence. They imply these people knew something sensitive that the government didn’t want to be revealed.

What do you think? Could this big number be just another coincidence or someone doesn’t want us to know what they knew? Watch the video for further evidence.

h/t notfromearth