7 Early Warning Signs You Are Dealing With A Person Who Has An Evil Heart

There is one absolute truth- everything in this universe is made of energy and, also, it is a fact that both negative and positive energy coexist. All beings, all objects- everything represents and spreads this energy, so do people.

If you want to understand the basis of the concept of spiritualism from all practices and traditions around the world for millenniums, you have to accept that this energy defines the existence of everything. Also, you have to accept the harsh reality that there are positive and negative people too.

Even those who have an extremely positive view of the world and humanity, have to accept that evil, bad humans walk among us, there is plenty of them and there are dangerous. When we say dangerous we don’t refer to the psychopaths and killers, but also to those who are able to cause emotional terror or be the essence of toxicity in all social circles they’re being part of.

In this article, we share the 7 signs that indicate someone you’re dealing with is a person with an evil heart.

1. They twist the facts

They don’t accept any reality except their own. They love to bring you and push you deep in their world, but if you show criticism or if you just follow the facts, you may become their enemy. They may even be fully conscious of reality, but their mindset won’t allow them to stop twisting the facts.

2. They mislead people

They love manipulation. In the early stages, they will mislead you for banal things in a very ‘innocent’ way. If you show weakness or you’re willing to play their ‘game’, they can show how are they able to ruin your life in a very quick and effective way.

3. They lie a lot

Like we already said, they are masters of manipulation. This makes them compulsive and even obsessive liars. They use such indecent behavior often as the easy tool to reach their goals.

4. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions

These people will never take responsibility for anything they do. They are always causing problems that they are not willing to apologize for. You will not find them making up for their mistakes.

5. They do not feel bad about the things they do

They really don’t care if they hurt you or not, and they will do it for their own personal gain. If ruining your life will make them get something they want, they will not hesitate.

6. They choose to withhold information

Evil people often choose to leave out part of something to make it into something bad. For instance, if you something bad happens, but then something good happens you will only be told about the bad thing. I cannot explain how much information an evil person will hide from you. They truly are horrible.

7. They like to deny reality

This has nothing to do with manipulation or persuasion. You have to be aware that these people are often suffering from internal conflicts with their own super-egos, but still, they have mechanisms of ignoring their own reality and what defines them as what they truly are. They are actually nobody and they shift through different personalities and different realities. This makes them very unpredictable and impulsive.

h/t the-limitless-minds