The Oklahoma newspaper, the Oklahoman would publish a story on June 28th, 1969; titled It’s a Cracked Puzzle, subsequently pulled from their archives, some astute researchers, however, have managed to track down this amazing article, detailing an impossible discovery…
It pertains to the excavation of an ancient floor, a tiled area which covered a truly vast distance as if it was once the highly finished floor space of an enormous structure.
What is astonishing regarding this floor, however, is the date that countless specialists have concluded upon, the age of these tiles is simply baffling.
According to the modern dating techniques used, this floor was laid well over 200,000 years ago, using a tiling mortar containing currently unknown elements.
Delbert Smith, president of the Oklahoma Seismograph Company, and past president of the Oklahoma City Geophysical Society accompanied Durwood Pate, an independent petroleum geologist, in an exploration of the site.
They finished their studies by stating that they were both very satisfied that it is not a natural earth formation, and that it is indeed man-made,
Smith and Pate even took a core sample to make a microscopic investigation of the material make up.

“Why the hell does anything ancient found get snatched up by the government (inc. the Smithsonian) or destroyed. Why the fear of us learning there have been civilizations before on Earth and will again when (‘if’) we go the way of the past. It’s sad they destroyed the area before an archeologist could investigate. “