Alien Skulls Found Near A Nazi Briefcase In Isolated Russian Mountain

Alien skulls allegedly discovered near a Nazi briefcase in an isolated mountain area have prompted shocking beliefs that the totalitarians had something to do with the extraterrestrials. As reported, the alien skulls were found by the lead scientist Vladimir Melikov and his team near a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach, Russia. The discovery occurred two

UFO in Antarctica: The Final Proof that Aliens Have Landed on Earth?

Mysterious object discovered in Antarctica, immediately provoked a stir among experts on UFOs. Russian “expert” Valetin Degterev published on social media what he found in Antarctica while using Google Earth. This is a shot of the black spot, which it claims that it was a UFO, who are stuck in ice after an accident three

Russia’s Secret UFO Files: The Conflicts with the Aliens

The Russian UFO files: The Soviet Union waged conflicts with the Aliens. Between 1940 and 1950, US newspapers reported countless flying saucers, men in black, alien contacts of 4th kind. As the encounters with aliens became way too strange in the US, the russian opponents were also rocked by the mysterious UFOs. As I said,

The gigantic mummy, perhaps the alien was discovered in the CHINA.

Archeologists from the Inner Mongolian University and the Museum of Inner Mongolia have published the results of their study on rare finds: a 1500-year-old tomb full of artifacts, complete with intact mummy. Mumia is wrapped in yellow silk and decorated with intricate gold jewels, suggesting he was a dynastic ruler. In the tomb, archaeologists have