5 Palm Signs when you’re born a Witch

Palmistry is a very powerful source of valuable information. It gives us insight for both our physical and our eternal body. There are Palm signs which help us understand more about our Romantic life and future marriage(s).  Moreover there are signs which show us where are we good at. Both our talents and inclines “carve”

Lightworkers Will Experience These 20 Signs Of Quantum Upgrades. Are You Ready for These Changes?

444 Lightworker activation is being triggered. Lightworkers, volunteers, earth warriors embrace, activate and integrate upgrades. Its time to lose the avatars. Ditch the masks. Embody truth. Buckle up we’re in for a big one friends.   20 SIGNS OF QUANTUM UPGRADES: Connecting to intense highs of lighter frequencies, floating and flying sensations, blissful rushes of love. Lucid dreaming,

What Type Of Spirit Follows You Around?

People all over the world believe that there are guardian angels watching over humanity. These otherworldly spiritual beings are often depicted as winged messengers of God who wear long robes and have halos above their heads. In a more general sense, the belief is that each and every person alive has a protector who keeps them safe and watches

People Who Cry During Movies Are The STRONGEST People Of All

People that cry during movies typically get a lot of crap from their friends, particularly if they claim to never cry. In addition, those who cry during movies have the empathy that other people struggle to tap into. Those who cry during movies, shows, and performances are probably empaths. It actually takes a strong individual

15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

Depression is a very serious mental illness that often goes unnoticed for years. People with concealed depression are battling demons within themselves all on their own. They are not sharing their struggles and do not want to burden those around them. You see, for most people wounds are not something we are open about. We tend to bottle