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10 Comebacks To Put Narcissists People Back In Their Place

Narcissists are selfish, arrogant and self-absorbed individuals who constantly look for attention and admiration. By using their natural charm and physical beauty they manipulate others in order to fulfill their own, usually superficial needs. They are aware of their own flaws but they don’t care whether you like them or not since they are self-sufficient

Instant Pineal Gland Activation [3rd Eye Opening / 3rd Eye Stimulation]

  Instant Pineal Gland Activation and Opening of the 3rd Eye. Increase Mystical and Spiritual perception. The Pineal Gland is a bridge to the higher dimensional realms. Is has been locked down in 3D through calcification, (intentionally, not by your own choice). Its ability to perceive 4 and 5d has been impaired. This program is

How To Open Your 7 Chakras – Explained By A Kid’s Show

It’s truly a strong indicator to me that our world is becoming more accepting of other cultures when certain philosophies and beliefs are featured front and center in programming aimed at kids. This time, it was the introduction of chakras in the Nickelodeon program Avatar: The Last Airbender. Check it out:   Your chakras are

Self-Mastership: Become your Own True Love

A relationship is never the answer to your loneliness. The feelings of emptiness, unhappiness, depression and self-hate are already inside of you. Most people tend to create new relationships based not on what they want, but in response to what they perceive to lack. They look outside of themselves, saying, “when I find someone, I will be