New Tomb Discovered in Turkey, from 10.000 B.C (Videos)

This discovery may seem historical and incredible only by virtue of this simple fact of being located in Turkey and to indicate queen Nefertiti returned using a group of followers fleeing from the fate of her husband who was in the hands of the corrupt Amun Priesthood. However, this historical discovery has more secrets to reveal.

Strange ‘Cigar-Shaped’ UFO Spotted on VIDEO Coverage of California Fires

Although netizens have come up with several reasonable explanations for the phenomenon visible on the tape, none of them fully explains the speed or the shape of the object moving in the background of the footage. People watching the TV report on wildfires in California, broadcasted by the channel Sky 5 spotted an unidentified object moving in the background

Taught to Believe It Doesn’t Exist, Here’s Your Proof

All dishonest bankers with their politicians are keeping free and clean energy hidden from the public so that these politicians can rob us of our hard earned money, to keep ourselves all enslaved because the masses have been Brainwashed to believe that oil and fossil fuel is our only way of life. Magnetic energy is

Anunnaki Geneticists Created Our Bodies, NOT Our Souls

Approximately one half of the human beings on Earth (about 3.5 billion people) are organic portals, soulless human beings who keep real human beings in line with the status quo, on agenda with the matrix control system. Organic portals form the backbone of the Matrix’s social control infrastructure. They are what keeps society running in a state of

Scientist Invents Technology to See “Multidimensional Beings”

Daniel Nemes  scientist and inventor, originally from Spain but residing in Colombia, since he was 14 years old he became interested in astronomy and science. He was a member of the astronomical group of Madrid, Spain. He says that the project started when he read an article in a magazine about the Dark Matter of the universe

“Mars was Inhabited – Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt”

“A trick of light and shadows” – that’s what NASA has called what are potentially the most significant ancient ruins ever discovered. …What appeared to be a face, pyramids, and archaeological ruins on Mars. That was almost 50 years ago, and thanks to extremely low res photos, altered high res photos, and comments stating it’s

Could 2019 be the year we finally make contact with aliens?

A few weeks ago the journal Nature published two peer-reviewed reports put together by scientists at the Chime radio telescope project, situated in the Okanagan Valley in Canada’s British Columbia. Chime – which stands for Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment – maps the universe by using thousands of antennae to collect signals emanating from the night sky, and then uses the